Paolo Sorrentino's 'Loro'
Now Available


The 2019 Rome Film Festival will honor Italian Cinema Masters Gillo Pontecorvo and Federico Fellini with special restorations of their films.


Rare Italian films by Valerio Zurlini and Vittorio De Seta will be shown in the Retrospectives & Revivals section of the New York Film Festival.


Valeria Bruni Tedeschi will star in Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli’s movie adaptation of Alberto Moravia's The Time of Indifference.

Women in Film


The Trailblazers

From the silent era to today, Italian women have stepped behind the camera to tell their stories. We've partnered with Directed By Women to keep those stories alive by featuring women who gave and continue to give voice to the female experience through cinema.

Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt

With beginnings in theatre as an actress and playwright, Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt recently made her directorial debut with the award-winning short film, Brave Little Army.

An inspiring story of women supporting women, Brave Little Army is the first film in a trilogy that follows a group of girlfriends from grammar school through adulthood. 

We talked with the new director about making the leap to directing and what advice she has for other women aspiring to do the same.

Spotlight on Cineturismo

Gaeta: City of Cinema


Located in the region of Lazio bordering Campania, Gaeta offers natural sets 

with mountainous shorelines, infinite sea and centuries-old structures. 

Stream Classic & Contemporary Italian Cinema

Campari "Red Diaries" Series


Campari has teamed up with Rome’s Cinecittà Studios to create short films by contemporary Italian directors Matteo Garrone, Stefano Sollima and Paolo Sorrentino to promote its cocktails. Each inspired by a specific Campari cocktail, the films are riveting psychological thrillers.

Mid-Century Loves


The 1954 Mid-Century Loves is a 52-minute gem, which contains five short tales of love directed by Pietro Germi, Mario Chiari, Roberto Rossellini, Antonio Pietrangeli and Glauco Pellegrini. Each is a decadent piece of cinematic perfection with detailed sets, regional music and spectacular cinematography. 

Bitter Rice, Giuseppe De Santis


One of the first films of the Neorealism film movement, Bitter Rice is a multi-layered story, which called on star Silvana Mangano's talent and sex appeal to portray a peasant girl who could manipulate just about anyone with her beauty. The story is set during the rice-planting season in northern Italy in the midst of Italy's economic challenges. 

Time Zone Inn, Andrea Di Iorio


"I wanted to tell a story about how we sometimes avoid happiness when it comes into our lives without a recognizable reason. I was interested in exploring the feelings of guilt behind refusing happiness." Director Andrea Di Iorio on the inspiration behind his first feature film, Time Zone Inn, now available to stream in the United States.

On Exhibit in San Francisco

NeoRealismo: The New Image in Italy, 1932–1960


While the Neorealism movement is primarily associated with cinematic and literary depictions of dire postwar conditions, this exhibition includes the period’s many photographers and their diverse approaches to the medium.